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At Times

Sometimes we feel like giving up, but we got to keep on pushing. What we are doing, fighting and aiming for is not in vain, we just got to believe and trust in God. ‘Cause at the end of the day he has got our backs no matter what. The tears we cry, the struggles we struggle, the lonely nights when we feel all alone is not for no reason. We are being broken down and being build back up into a better person. We are being prepare for our present and future. You have to go thur somethings to be ready for whats ahead. When the road is full of darkness and there is not light ahead, just keep on walking, because you are not walking alone. Keep your head up, a smile on your face and know that you can do it. It’s not easy, but it will be worth it, when your time comes.


Could I ever let my heart love again
that’s a question that might never get answer
It’s been torn and broken many times
And I continue to let you back in
knowing you would hurt me, but figure
that this love can change you
Now I know that it’s not fixable,
forget trying to repair it, there’s
no tools available to fix this heart
Each beat keeps fighting to stay alive
wondering when it will be right
Wanting to love again, but to fragile
to try again
The wrong move and there be nothing
there to love.

By: Tiffany Nicole Hinesman

Is it because my skin is not as light
as yours or cause I don’t speak the
same language or I don’t kiss ass
or let you run all over me
I am the best at what I do, but
you pass me on, to go to your kind
and you don’t respect what I have done,
but give them the credit and I did all the work
You give me funny looks, but smile up in my face
You speak a language I don’t understand, but
I know you are talking about me
Last I check it wasn’t supposed to be about color
Just about my performance still I stand tall and
do what I got to do, because you will never
acknowledge me.

By Tiffany Nicole Hinemsan

Many Faces….

You never gave me a reason not to trust you, but you begin telling me lies, then I started to see your many faces, but I  thought we were friends and now I don’t know the truth anymore…

Why Do…

Why do we Stress about the things we can’t change?