My Daily success plan will consistent of taken 20-30 mins out of each day. To go over what it is that I want to accomplish and each day start completing each task. As I continue on each day I will add a few more minutes at a time and this will help me to stay on a healthy path to sticking to my daily goals that will help me be successful.

Since starting this challenge. I was like I must complete this task no matter how busy I get. I am a busy person and let it get in the way of finish up projects. And starting new ones. I just make an excuse and say it’s okay. And just keep putting it off. Since doing this challenge. I am excited everyday to read the challenge and put my fingers to work. I am like I can take 20 mins out of my time to accomplished this task. I am proud of myself. So far I am on track and I feel real good about myself.

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10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge by Natalie Sisson