Here is my new puppy Bandit he is the sweetest lil thing, but he gets into everything. He is 9 months now and he thinks he is the king of the Castle. This is him before his haircut.

He was so innocent when we got him, but after about 5 days later and a new haircut he is filling his self. My cats are not to happy with a new member to the family, but there got to work it out between them and come to an understanding. And they all got to live here so they mind’s as well get along….

So he is getting his sleep on, finally I wonder wat he is thinkin’ about…lol He is a busy bee and now he is resting getting his energy ready for later…

He is still dreamin’ it must be real good….lol

Now he is up and playing with the remote….oh boy Here we go for another round….